Home of DJ RAY

Savannah Wedding DJ Ray WilliamsCome on in to DJ Ray’s Home. DJ Ray would like to partner with you on your ‘Special Day’. If you’re looking for a wedding DJ quote for your BIG DAY, or rather your rehearsal party, then you’ve found DJ Ray! Welcome to the DJ RAY’s Home, (a division of Sounds Great! djEntertainment.)

Over 40 years, DJ Ray’s home has been entertaining Radio listeners in Savannah, GA. When not on the air, I’m performing at fun events. I’ll make a ‘splash’ at you’re next back yard or pool party. Planning a wedding anniversary, surprize Birthday party or retirement gathering? Want it fun and memorable again? Let’s do it. Home Owners Associations reach out all the time for their special events. How about ‘Just for the heck of it to have a party’? YES. My forte though is WEDDINGS.

Ladies, here’s something you need to know.

At DJ RAY’s home, wedding rehearsals are always a blast (because I make it that way for families). Wedding ceremonies are dignified (but I create an appropriate, unique twist within). What about wedding receptions you ask? I DO wedding receptions the way YOU want them to be. NOT what I THINK they should be.

Remember, I’m just the MC and you and your husband/wife/significant other are the “Stars of the Show”. Feed DJ Ray as much info as you want and how you want it to unfold. I promise you everyone will have a fantastic time. This website isn’t about me, it’s about YOU.