Anniversary parties! Retirement parties! Everyone loves parties!

DJ Ray Anniversary parties

Let’s celebrate with an anniversary party! Remember the actual day of your BIG event? Anniversary parties are so much fun NOW because there’s no hassle or headaches. No getting measured for tuxedos. Forget picking out bridesmaids dresses. Photo shoots and rehearsals were fun then. Skip the arraignments, make up, hair, frustration and the rest of the details. Just forget it all. Simple, just contact DJ Ray

Wedding anniversaries are now more fun than the actual day. That’s because everyone is more relaxed and ready to just be thankful that it’s lasted this long! Right?

You don’t have to do lots of stuff you both had to do to get to the altar. Just relax, call a caterer, send out the invites, then call DJ Ray @ 912-844-5751. TA DA! EVERYONE will enjoy! I’ll be a piece of (wedding cake) LOL.



DJ Ray Retirement parties

Retirement parties

DJ Ray Williams wants to help celebrate your major accomplishments. Retiring from work or the military ranks of our courageous US military? Any job that you’ve worked hard at and now stepping aside needs to be celebrated. If you’re retiring let’s party! I’ll be there to add lots of CHEER the way YOU want the event to unfold. You’ve earned it, not let’s enjoy and celebrate.

Bring it on.