Wedding Ceremony And Receptions

Wedding Ceremony And Receptions

DJ Ray wedding ceremonies and receptions

Wedding at Forsyth Fountain, Savannah, GA (courtesy of Christine Hall Photography)

DJ Ray’s forte is the Wedding Ceremony and Receptions. This is where I consider myself THE BEST! I coordinate all aspects of the ceremony and reception with everyone you have contracted for their services. If the MC or DJ on Duty doesn’t come close to this when you speak with them at first, then call me at 912-844-5751.

What sets myself apart from my ‘competition’ is that I pay close attention to detail. I want your event to be ‘what YOU want it to be’ NOT what I THINK it should be’.

DJ Ray makes sure that he has all of the appropriate requested music for the wedding ceremony and receptions. My system is loud enough for people to dance to and enjoy but not blasting out those who want to sit at nearby tables and carry on a conversation without having to leave the room.

DJ Ray wedding receptions and ceremonies

Here’s just one example: I’ll come to you both and suggest we do the cake cutting and a toast event in about 10 minutes or so. This way, you’re aware of what is about to happen in case you need to freshen up or whatever. I flag down the photographer to let them know what is about to take place. I’ll ask how many exposures they have on their roll of film (some used film for b&w). If it’s less than 5, I ask them to shoot now and reload with a fresh roll. We’re ready to proceed without skipping a beat.

Now on to the room captain or caterer at the reception venue. I inform them what is about to happen but notice that the couple is having a special toast. Their goblets are on the table but no beverage to toast plus no knife and at least one plate without napkins.  The problem will be resolved.  Let’s continue, the guests are waiting.

Once everything is in place, ONLY THEN I’ll announce to the guests what is getting ready to take place. Tell guests to please secure a beverage now. Of course, being in the South, ANY beverage will do. Water, sweet tea, coffee, soft drink .. so as not to offend those who are non-drinkers. Now, this event will take place without any delays.

I do this for ALL elements of the reception. Your Introduction, Receiving Line, Dance Segment, Cake Cutting, Toast, Garter and Bouquet Toss, Staged Exit (if needed) and other items you’d like to add on YOUR SPECIAL DAY!


I make it a point to meet with all couples in person if possible (since 83% of my couples are destination weddings from out-of-state) as soon as they are ready to begin planning the actual reception. We’ll meet in public to discuss the music, the elements that are really needed, special events that would mean so much to them and the pitfalls to avoid. I’ll also offer ways to not only make their big day fun, enjoyable and memorable for both of you but everyone in attendance. During our sit down meeting, I’ll give specific questions to ask of your contracted vendors AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE BIG DAY to avoid any extra charges. WHY? Because I’m looking out for you AND your wallet.

Together, we’ll decide on the music for the reception. Keep in mind that the reception is a dignified event and only appropriate music should be played throughout. I pride myself on providing the appropriate music and executing only tasteful events throughout the wedding reception. The reception is designed to be enjoyed by all in a fun, entertaining and wholesome environment with guests ranging in ages from 8 to 90+. I WILL NOT PLAY ANY OFFENSIVE SONGS. Some songs are meant for the bachelor/bachelorette parties. That’s fine for those events but NOT WEDDING RECEPTIONS!

I, DJ Ray Williams, pledge to you after contracting with me, that I will be with you (via mobile, text, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter) EVERY STEP OF THE WAY TO YOUR BIG DAY!