Helpful Links For Music

Helpful links for Wedding Music

When planning a wedding reception from ceremony to the first dance it’s important to select the right music. Why? Just because the music is what makes it all flow. Start with the music you’d like for the prelude to your ceremony. Then

Bridal Entrance Music

Remember, you’re the bride, so do it your way. Why not? It’s the biggest day of your life. Lots of family, friends, relatives and guests are present. What music do you want played walking down the aisle?
During the ceremony, you might want to include background music for a candle lighting or sand pouring ceremony. But, it’s all up to you and your partner. It’s YOUR big day. So do it the way you want it to be.

You’re now pronounced as Mr & Mrs. What’s next?

How about a kick ass recessional song played that will get the party started.

Recessional Music

Your First Dance Songs

Bride & Father Dance Songs
Groom & Mother Dance Songs
Cake Cutting Song
Garter Songs
Bouquet Toss Songs
Last Dance Songs
Wedding Time Table

Listen To My Ceremony Music

Listen To My Wedding Party Intro Music